Brand injection to transform and upgrade enterprises

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The Issues, Misconceptions and Considerations of Setting up Hong Kong and Overseas Companies

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Alibaba’s asset stripping

14 August 2014


Mr. Eric Hui, Chairman of E&M IPO Project Management Limited, was interviewed by the Media, commenting on the Alibaba’s restructure of its financial asset before launch of IPO.



ACCA Career Forum 2015

Guest Speaker:Mr. Eric Hui


Mr. Eric Hui of E&M Advisory Group, together with the Managing Director of Personnel Division, COSCO(Hong Kong) Group Limited (Mr. He Hanxin), the AP & Director of Investor Relations, CGN MeiyaPower Holdings Co Ltd(Mr. Arthur Lee) and the Partner of Forensic and Investigation Services of SHINEWING (Ms. Anita Hou), were invited by ACCA as guess speakers to attend the Career Forum 2015. At the Forum Mr. Eric Hui shared his view on the topic ‘Career Opportunities for Accountants & Opportunities and Challenges for Industries’.


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Brand Investment & Injection


Strategic Alliance with Glamour Interasia Group
Riding on Powerful Resources of Brands

E&M Group and Glamour Interasia Group have formed a strategic alliance to build up a unique business model bringing together the international brands and capital strategy. Riding on the powerful brand pool, we bring in brands to potential commercial projects for their strategic upgrading and transformation.

Powerful Resources and Networking of Brands

Glamour Group’s affiliate company in the United States, Interasia & Associates (USA) Inc. (“Interasia US”) is the sole and exclusive licensing agent in Asia for numerous first tier international brands. Riding on the brand platform of Interasia US, and on the powerful brand networking and resources of the fellow founders from the international brand licensing arena, Glamour Group is in an excellent position to directly and immediately reach other international brands of a much greater magnitude.


Strategic Alliance Framework

Under the strategic alliance framework, with the brand injection and by virtue of E&M Capital House Inc. and its team’s unique business insight, acumen and strategic vision, they are in an excellent position to nurture, upgrade and transform the business and commercial projects in a real sense, helping companies to optimize their business model and strategic layout, and enhancing their core competitive advantage as well as potential investment value

Meanwhile, E&M IPO Project Management Limited and E&M Advisory Group Limited, with their top-tier team, exclusively provide execution service to all the projects of Glamour Interasia Group in the areas of capital strategy, IPO project management and strategic investment as well.


Strategic Importance

In the great lack of quality investment projects nowadays, the alliance stands out with the capability in mining and creating investment-grade projects.