Alibaba’s asset stripping

14 August 2014


Mr. Eric Hui, Chairman of E&M IPO Project Management Limited, was interviewed by the Media, commenting on the Alibaba’s restructure of its financial asset before launch of IPO.



ACCA Career Forum 2015

Guest Speaker:Mr. Eric Hui


Mr. Eric Hui of E&M Advisory Group, together with the Managing Director of Personnel Division, COSCO(Hong Kong) Group Limited (Mr. He Hanxin), the AP & Director of Investor Relations, CGN MeiyaPower Holdings Co Ltd(Mr. Arthur Lee) and the Partner of Forensic and Investigation Services of SHINEWING (Ms. Anita Hou), were invited by ACCA as guess speakers to attend the Career Forum 2015. At the Forum Mr. Eric Hui shared his view on the topic ‘Career Opportunities for Accountants & Opportunities and Challenges for Industries’.


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