Risk management on cross border merger & acquisition

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Hong Kong – A Perfect Jumping Stone to Invest in the Mainland China

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Alibaba’s asset stripping

14 August 2014


Mr. Eric Hui, Chairman of E&M IPO Project Management Limited, was interviewed by the Media, commenting on the Alibaba’s restructure of its financial asset before launch of IPO.



ACCA Career Forum 2015

Guest Speaker:Mr. Eric Hui


Mr. Eric Hui of E&M Advisory Group, together with the Managing Director of Personnel Division, COSCO(Hong Kong) Group Limited (Mr. He Hanxin), the AP & Director of Investor Relations, CGN MeiyaPower Holdings Co Ltd(Mr. Arthur Lee) and the Partner of Forensic and Investigation Services of SHINEWING (Ms. Anita Hou), were invited by ACCA as guess speakers to attend the Career Forum 2015. At the Forum Mr. Eric Hui shared his view on the topic ‘Career Opportunities for Accountants & Opportunities and Challenges for Industries’.


Home Statutory Company Secretary
Statutory Company Secretary


Setting up a company, share transfer, share allotment, capital enlargement, Companies Ordinance compliance and so on, these are all legal matters that you should always turn to real professionals with adequate qualifications and capacity, or otherwise it runs a great risk and could even backfire.

In many cases, a new Hong Kong or Overseas company is set up and used as the inbound or outbound investment holding vehicle, or as a cross boarder trading entity. The company incorporation matters could never be simple. Considerations need to cover many areas, including but not limited to the constitutional structure, the shareholding structure, Board and management structures, the place of operation, the potential tax impact, the law and regulations of the investor’s home jurisdiction, the place of incorporation as well as the potential restriction or regulations of the jurisdiction of investment.



Our services

  • Setting up a company limited by shares in Hong Kong & Overseas
  • Setting up a company limited by guarantee in Hong Kong
  • Assistance to set up company in the People’s Republic of China
  • Share transfer
  • Share allotment
  • Capital enlargement
  • Acting as statutory company secretary
  • Companies Ordinance compliance
  • Change of company name
  • Appointment / Resign of directors
  • Preparation of Board of Directors’ minutes & Shareholder’s meeting minutes
  • Declaration of Trust
  • Acting as nominee shareholder
  • Deregistration of company
  • Local administrator for overseas companies
  • Business Registration renewal
  • Provision of Registered Office address
  • Bank account opening assistance